The Body Boss Bootcamp

Little Talk For Little Kids

A course FOR your kids to watch with you. All you need to do is show it to them. Abuse prevention made easy.


FOR Your
Kids To Watch

This course is meant to be watched together. It's made for kids to learn from directly!

Little Talks
For Little Kids

The classes are short, because let's face it, kids have short attention spans (and that's ok)!

One Day
At A Time

It's broken into 8 days of 8 minute classes, so kids can process + absorb what they're learning!

What Your Child Will Learn

Based on my award-winning, best selling book 'I Said No!: A Kid to Kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private', the course is broken into 8 lessons that are easy for your child to understand.

Get Started Today!
  • 8 days (content is dripped for 8 consecutive days)
  • 8 minutes per class (perfect for the attention span of this age group)
  • 8 Topics (based on the I Said No! book) of kid-friendly, interactive recorded training videos FOR kids!

"The perfect compliment to the body safety lessons you're starting to teach your kids. This helps reinforce the concept of boundaries, consent and safety lessons that all kids should know. And it's based on the book that I highly recommend to all parents!"

Rosalia Rivera
- Founder of CONSENTparenting™

Prepare Your Child For Childcare

Getting started for the first time at Kindergarten or Preschool? Now is the right time to teach your kids these body safety rules so they know what's ok and what's not! The more they know, the more they can stand up for their body boundaries and tell when necessary- so it can't happen again (or at all!).


Who's Teaching The Classes?


Kimberly, “The Tough Topics Mom,” is the author of the best-selling, most highly recommended book for children on prevention called I Said No! A kid-to-kid guide to keeping private parts private. 


Kimberly is a mom of three children, a survivor, a Sexual Abuse Prevention Facilitator with, and a Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor with The Rowan Center. ​She spends her time training adults and children on prevention strategies and sharing her expertise as a consultant, advisor, and media source.

Watch a recent interview with ABC News.



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